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Cancellation Policy: Werribee Short Stay Villas & Accommodation require 24 hours notice of all cancellations and/or changes to your booking. Guests cancelling reservations with less than 24 hours notice will have their nominated credit card charged for the equivalent of a minimum tariff (single room booking).

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Affordable Accommodation Werribee

Kardinia 2 thumbnailGenerally when people are out on vacation they look for cheap accommodation at a motel or a hotel they can spend the night in. Technically this is fine since you do get all the basic amenities required for a night of comfort but what if you could get so much more than that? What if you could get accommodation at an entire villa for a very affordable cost that will have enough space and all the equipment to ensure your comfort, safety, and optimal leisure? If you are going to spend some time in the central districts of Australia then you might want to overlook the motels and look instead at the affordable accommodation Werribee Short Stay Villas and Accommodation has to offer.

The Werribee Villas can be found just thirty minutes away from the Melbourne International Airport. The location is also thirty minutes away from the heart of Melbourne as well as Geelong. This situates it right in the centre of every attraction you might want to visit. The villas are located right in the heart of Wyndham. There are several attractions that you can visit and none of them are too far from the villas.


cheap accommodationWhen you decide to check out this affordable accommodation Werribee has to give tourists and passers-by alike you will quickly notice that you get so much more than what any regular hotel or motel would offer. You do not just get a single room for you to stay in. All of the units in the Werribee Short Stay Villas and Accommodation have at least a single queen-sized bedroom, a living/dining room, a kitchen and a veranda. There is a built-in wardrobe in all of the bedrooms.

IMG 5545 640x426All of the villas are equipped and designed for optimal comfort and ease. They are all equipped with air conditioning that ensures you get cool, fresh air all the time. You get a television in the main bedroom and the living room. All of the kitchens are designed to have all the modern tools needed to be able to prepare the best meals possible. You get a top quality gas cooktop along with a convection oven and a refrigerator. When you walk outside you are guaranteed a parking space for at least one vehicle. All of the parking areas for your car are covered with a carport.

There are technically five different villas. As mentioned they all have the listed features mentioned above yet they all differ slightly in presentation, size and purpose. The largest can hold up to a maximum of six people since it has two bedrooms and a sofa bed.

The Avalon One Villa is the entry level villa but it does not shy away from all of the amazing amenities mentioned earlier. It is the best villa for a couple since it is cosy and snug for just two people. The same can be said of the Kardinia One and the Wyndham One villas since they are designed to hold only up to two people. The Kardinia Two has a second bedroom that has a double bed and this can hold up to four people. The Wyndham Two offers a second bedroom which has a double bed and a sofa bed in the living room. The Wyndham Two, with these features, can hold a maximum of six people, making it the ideal villa for a group of friends or for a family who are after affordable accommodation.